October 1, 2023 - In Blog Post

Nigerian Cardiac Society (NCS) has disclosed that cardiovascular-related deaths might rise to 23 million globally by 2030 if necessary measures are not taken.

The NCS in a jointly signed statement by Prof Augustine Odili, Prof. Chizindu A. Alikor and Prof. A. Akintunde expressed concern over the alarming rate of cardiovascular-related deaths in the Country as the association marks 2023 World Hearts Day on Friday.

It was stated that over 20.5 million people die of heart-related diseases worldwide, with more than 75% occurring in low- and middle-income countries.


“While heart disease remains the most common cause of death in the developed world, the astronomical increase in its prevalence and the exponential rise in associated mortality and morbidity in developing countries is a major cause for concern.

‘Ironically, 80% of premature deaths from CVD can be prevented by way of small lifestyle adjustments. For instance, a healthy diet, physical activities (i.e. brisk walking, cycling, jogging, etc.), and effective stress management, among others, could greatly improve heart health”.

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