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The Nigerian Cardiac society was founded in March 1971. The society has since then regularly held its annual scientific conference as well as annual general meeting. Founding fathers to whom credit must be given include: Professors A.U. Antia (First President), Edington, Abraham, Cocksholt, Brokington, Parry, Ikeme, Ogunlesi, Akinkugbe, Carlisle, Udekwu and Dede Ihenacho. Others who have contributed immensely include Professor Lagunjoye, Okuwobi, Falase, Adebonojo, Anyanwu, andy,Oroegbu, Araoye, Adebo (Past Presidents) and a host of other highly dedicated officials and members.

The Nigerian Cardiac Society strives to disseminate current and evidence-based information on cardiovascular diseases to the public, as well as promote the adoption of healthy life-styles by the general public through adoption of cardiovascular disease preventive measures that have been borne out of research.

During the 7 World Congress of Cardiology in 1974, the society was admitted to the membership of the International Society and Federation of Cardiology (ICSF) now World Heart Federation. The President of the Nigerian Cardiac Society is invited as a special guest to the Annual Scientific meeting of the American College of Cardiology.

The Pan African society of Cardiology (PAOCAR) was inaugurated in 1981 at ASCON Badagry through the efforts of the Nigerian Cardiac Society and the financial support of the Merck Sharp & Dohme (now Associate Pharmaceutical Products).

Membership of the society is open to certified persons within and allied to the cardiovascular health care delivery disciplines. Persons who are in training in these disciplines are welcome as Associate members.


Objectives of the Nigerian Cardiac Society

  • To promote the advancement of the knowledge of Cardiovascular Disease in Nigeria through high standard of practice of CARDIOVASCULAR SCIENCE, MEDICINE AND SURGERY.
  • To promote research in the field of Cardiovascular Disease and to establish and administer fund for cardiovascular disease.
  • To promote and advance the pursuit of knowledge through National and International Scientific Conferences on topics of cardiovascular interest.
  • To promote the dissemination of up-to-date knowledge on cardiovascular diseases to members.
  • To organize workshops, seminars and conferences on all matters relating to cardiovascular disease.
  • To establish linkages and partnership with other bodies that will further the aims and objectives of the society.


The membership of the society consists of the following categories

Associate members

  • Associate members shall consist of those who show interest in the activities of the SOCIETY and those who are in training program in cardiovascular disease.
  • Associate members shall be eligible for full membership once they satisfy the requirements of the National Executive Council.


Full Members

  • Full members comprise suitably qualified scientists whose interest in cardiovascular disease is evidenced by their published work on the subject or have shown evidence of traineeship and experts in the field of cardiovascular medicine and surgery or have made other contributions to the development and progress of cardiology in Nigeria.
  • Full membership is a life time privilege as long as the individual continues to show an interest.

Honorary Members

  • Honorary members are those elected as a mark of recognition for their contribution to the development and progress of the SOCIETY.
  • Such individuals may not necessarily be scientists.


  • Fellowship of the Nigerian Cardiac Society is awarded to a healthcare professional who has made substantial contribution to the field of cardiology in Nigeria.

It is intended as a reward for excellence, scholarship, commitment, sacrifice, and to acknowledge an individual’s contributions to the growth of the medical profession in general and the practice and principles of the cardiovascular specialty specifically.

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The Nigerian Cardiac Society is the umbrella body of all medical professionals who are involved in the science, care and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in Nigeria.